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money money money - oldbloke's mutterings
June 24th, 2009
10:24 pm
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money money money
As occasionally happens if one leaves one's online bookie accounts dormant, BetFair sent me an email offering to give me a fiver after the weekend if I bet a fiver by Saturday - and it had to be a multiple on the tennis.
So, I just picked 5 really short-price favourites from today's matches - the rolled-up odds over the accumulator was just about dead-on even money, tha's how short the individual odds were.
Bet came in, so I make my quid (or 20% of stake, sounds better, eh?), and I look forward to my fiver coming along shortly. Huzzah etc.
Was wondering whether to extend my F1 hedge to BArrichello and/or Webber, but I really don't think they've got it in them. I make money whether Button or Vettel is champion, and unless something changes radically I can't see anybody else getting a sniff.
I might ship a bit over to BetFair's poker room and play a small (or a couple of very small) SnGs. Or maybe they have a tinystakes PLO8 cash game...
I really ought to investigate their freerolls, too.

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