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Monday - oldbloke's mutterings
September 27th, 2010
11:41 pm
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Boy off to school, just about recovered from latest bug.
Strained must off the pulp, boiled it (all 4 of our pans...), mixed it with the sugar, waited 7 hours for it to cool enough to chuck the yeast in... It's now in the airing cupboard, where it will probably do nothing at all.
UC: 185(165), realteams 215 vs 95; several I should have got but the answer wouldn't come.
OC: 24(22), realteams 21 vs 4 (I get both sets of questions remember [what I didn't remember was to set Masterchef to record, minus a zillion there])

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Date:September 28th, 2010 10:36 am (UTC)
It seemed to both Charlie and me that the UC teams got each other's questions all the time. Neither of us scored very highly, but it amused us that the scientists got the arts questions and the artists got the science ones. Not sure what C scored; I got a grand total of 15.

OC - I got 9, which is low for me because I usually get all the missing vowels questions and make up points that way. I don't feel too bad though - the section I did badly with (companies formed during WW2) foxed the teams, too.
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