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Naughty BBC - oldbloke's mutterings
October 24th, 2010
08:15 pm
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Naughty BBC
Why do they still not understand that while many PVRs can cope with altered start/end times, few can cope with changing channel halfway through a Grand Prix?
So we saw it up to lap 40 then had to wait untilt the replay in the afternoon to catch the last 15 laps.
I suppose we could have tried iPlayer, but the risk of falling over the result while trying to navigate to the race was too great.
Rather eventful race! Looks like Alonso might just snatch the championship - the best result for me, financially, though as you all remember, I make a profit whoever wins.
There's a nice %profit if Ferrari manage to sneak up on the rails and nick the Constructor's, too, but that's still rather unlikely - will have to be happy with the tiny + I have on the other two possibilities.

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