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Huzzah etc - oldbloke's mutterings
November 14th, 2010
07:59 pm
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Huzzah etc
A long time ago I recorded in my poker spreadsheet how much I had in my Betfair account. The spreadsheet also shows I haven't played poker at Betfair for over 18 months.
So the 150% more money in there now than there was before must have come from sports...
I ought to keep better records of my sports bets really, but I never expect them to win, they're just a bit of fun. I think a bit of it came from the Grand National, but much of it is from the messing about I did in the F1 markets throughout the season. At the point that everything was settled today I only made about 4 quid, but the series of bets and lays on various teams and drivers had extracted a fair chunk from the markets as the season rolled along.
Of course it all stemmed from picking Vettel after the first few races, then hedging madly.
Though Alonso would have made me more...

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