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ebay luck - oldbloke's mutterings
November 28th, 2010
10:59 pm
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ebay luck
Bid on some demijohns on ebay. Guy had a corker as well. Put in small bids for both. Didn't want to win the corker if I didn't get the glass, so left that when outbid and upped my max on the glass. The corker was to end about 20 mins after the other, figured I'd sit down at the computer and re-bid iff I won the demis.
Only, started watching telly...
Suddenly realised, got on to ebay, had won the glass, 1m15s to go on the corker. Quick quick what am I prepared to pay and can type in fast enough?
Just got it, though IIRC my max beat a re-bid from somebody else with 35s to go.
Think I may have enough demijohns now: 8 (I think)
Plan is to make a gallon of something every month next year. So maybge I want 4 more. Depends what ages best in bottles and what in big glass...
And, of course, some months may have just too much wild fruit locally to not make more...

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