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Noises off - oldbloke's mutterings
January 24th, 2011
11:56 pm
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Noises off
Sitting at the computer about 5ish, heard a strange noise.
A liquid noise.
Once, could be owt - fridge doing something weird, neighbours, airlock in the mixer tap moving, owt.
Then I heard it again, and was pretty sure it was in our kitchen/dining area.
A sort of gloop noise.
Nothing obvious.
There it goes again!
Checked the back of the fridge, no problem, nothing untoward inside.
No obvious leaks under the sink or round the dishwasher.
But now I was ready for it.
Next time it came I got a rough direction.
It was the parsnip wine!
It's in a gallon bucket, and the airlock grommet in the lid is a loose enough fit that usually the CO2 escapes round it rather than through the airlock (must sort that, it's a possible site of ingress of unpleasantness). But somehow it's managed to seal itself with some of the must, and the airlock started working.
Lovely noise when you know what it is.
It's getting strained into a demijohn tomorrow anyway, and will then be tucked up in the airing cupboard for while, so YB can hear it Gloop while he's trying to get to sleep.
I wonder when it'll be ready to drink?
Gravity readings suggest it'll be normal strength and sweet, or if I can ferment it out far enough, nicely dry and knock-you-over.
Not sure using half brown sugar was a good idea though.

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