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day-late numbers - oldbloke's mutterings
February 22nd, 2011
09:02 pm
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day-late numbers
150(130)[215v160] Baaaaaaaad week.
Had to watch it off the disk as were out last night at Stock (had to wear my suit!). Very nice meal except L's rosti was too salty. Chef disagreed but offered a free dessert. We were too stuffed so had a free coffee instead.
Today did the Ikea thang, as per had lunch there, on way out went to buy meatballs - not GF. Sure they used to be. ...and J just ate a plateful. Hope this is not the cause of his rash, that ought to be just this minor virus he's got.
The poll seems to have come out in favour of mead. Any honey which theoretically has some specific blossom involved and so might have an actual flavour is hideously expensive. So will use cheapo industrial honey and add some sort of flavour: must check the books. Mint could be fun. Or cinnamon.

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