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Book - oldbloke's mutterings
March 4th, 2011
07:59 pm
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From the amount of laughter coming from J's bedroom, I guess they've reached a specially good chapter of Captain Underpants. In a very real sense, that is The Book I'm Reading Now.
Unless you count Good Programming Practice which I bought decades ago and gave up on as too obvious about 3 chapters in, but feel i ought to read to the end before binning.
Or the Brikwars! rulebook - hilarious, even if you have no interest in wargaming at all. I commend it.

This ersatz beer is more beery this week, and I managed to find a few bottles that have cleared a bit better. It's now got that slightly sour fruity taste many English beers have. I think the clearing problem may be down to the yeast used: Young's, IIRC. For next time I have some Muntons Gold. Which strain of yeast was used is something I've not recorded up to now, but I suspect it may prove instructive in the future.

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