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The wonder of ebay - oldbloke's mutterings
March 6th, 2011
11:54 pm
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The wonder of ebay
We'd been thinking of a day trip to York for a while (no truth in the rumour that Eboracum came from a mis-hearing of Ee bah gum, by the way), so when I saw a job lot of 14 count them 14 demijohns on ebay with a bargain Buy It Now price, well, alea iacta fuerat.
The BIN price worked out to 2.58 each, and they generally go for about 5 on ebay. Now, I don't need 14 - I have 9 already, and if I leave wine I've made to age a year in demijohns before bottling, then I only need say 13 or 14.
So I have 9 or 10 to sell on, next time ebay have a free insertion day - should make the petrol money back. Nice, especially as the carpark was 7 quid while we wandered round the museum and the walls and ate in Lendal Cellars (good burgers).
Thanks to the new motor having satnav, for the first time we didn't bother printing out anything from Google Maps. Didn't switch it on until we were close though, that woman has some strange ideas about the best route sometimes. We decided to use her to find our way out of central York afterwards, and she got most upset when we decided not to join the traffic jam she liked the look of.
Picking up the demijohns was amusing - the chap selling them had gone to Nottingham but texted that his daughter would be in. A lad about 19 answered the door, wearing nothing but a rather short and quite flimsy woman's dressing gown. I guess the daughter didn't want to come out like that, but, he must have had some trousies about the place somewhere, surely? And after opening the garage and locating the glassware, he helped carry them to the car, still dressed like that. L and J missed it, having a leg stretch, but L's mum thought it was hilarious.
And later we bumped into Tez in the museum: the hair's looking good like that, mate.

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Date:March 7th, 2011 02:10 pm (UTC)
Life's good at times, innit. And I'm so glad your MIL was there to see t'lad in all his gory. It must have made her day :)
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