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Wii weirdness - oldbloke's mutterings
April 6th, 2011
07:55 pm
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Wii weirdness
Some time ago, our Wii started hanging partway into Mario Kart - sometimes in the 3rd race, sometimes the first, sometimes you didn't even get as far as the actual races. And Lego Indiana Jones started hanging too. The thing had been dropped once, I thought maybe an unseated memory chip or something. So having discovered the price of repairs, we've been watching Wii bundle pricing with a view to simply getting another (with the motion adapter thingy).
In the meantime, we did the hack in Indiana Jones that lets you install Riivolution so you can edit NewSuperMarioBrothers levels on your PC. And we had a lot of fun with that! And everything else seemed to work...
A couple of days ago, YB got it into his head to play Indiana Jones again, and lo and behold, it didn't hang. In fact we just finished the whole story mode today (with the help of the walkthrough at IGN).
So I thought I'd try Mario Kart, JIC. And it let me get through the whole 1st Grand Prix...
Maybe it's magically fixed itself.
Maybe the hack unbroke something.
Maybe it's just coz there's an SD card in the slot.
Who cares? Rainbow Road here I come!

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