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Noises off - oldbloke's mutterings
May 25th, 2011
12:10 am
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Noises off
Got the cat snoring in one corner, and an odd occasional dripping noise from the other.
Oh, hang on, it's just the airlock in the turbocider, which is in the corner of the dining room as the waterbath is full.
So, an excuse for an update. What have we got?

2 bottles of elderberry (yummy anyway)
2 bottles of parsnip (weird but nice)
2 bottles + a litre + a gallon of plum (slightly odd but as good as some commercial whites I've had)

Fermenting in the waterbath:
Earl Grey tea wine (nearly ready to rack)
Dandelion wines A and B (3 or 4 more weeks in primary for them)
Nettle wine (at least a month off racking)
Fermenting in the dining room:
Turbocider (bottling Friday or Saturday)

Last 2 bottles of previous turbocider (pretty rough when new, but 3 weeks in the bottle has made it "let's not buy commercial cider again" stuff)
The millet feasibility study (sneak test at bottling was "thin, generally lacking flavour, but in the general area of beer". Which is all I wanted to know from this experiment. Proper taste test on Friday will tell us more. Got so many things wrong in the making it's a surprise anything's come out of it at all - under-malted, under-roasted, dodgy temp control for the enzyme rests...)

It'll be time to wonder what wine to make in June soon, too.
And I must do the GF pseudo-beer again, it was remarkably good.

I changed the water in the waterbath today, and added a thermometer to the setup. It looks to be running 2degrees high, and the heater's at its lowest setting (20).

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