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Phew - oldbloke's mutterings
June 11th, 2011
10:02 pm
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Brought the last gallon of plum wine - now 9 months old - up from the garage a couple of days ago, intending to bottle it. But Stuff got stirred up, and the turbocider still wasn't ready after three count them three weeks, so left it a couple of days to settle again. During this time, spotted liquid seeping out past the bung! Well that's not right, is it? Soaking some of it into a bit of kitchen towel then attempting to taste that left me wondering if we had a gallon of vinegar...
So today, I bottled the turbocider, even though it's still not cleared - sneak taste says it's definitely cider and will probably be quite nice with a couple of weeks aging. The hydrometer says it's just about done, but I'm a little worried about bottlebombs. OTOH, mayeb it'll actually carbonate this way.
And then I got everything ready to bottle the plum. But took a sample (with the turkey baster) first, so as not to waste corks if it was vinegar. It wasn't, huzzah. In fact it'll be quite drinkable. So I bottled it. How can it taste younger then the stuff made at the same time that was bottled last year? I think the seepage was due to pressure from escaping gas - I didn't even know about degassing wines when I made that stuff.

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