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**** - oldbloke's mutterings
June 16th, 2011
01:26 pm
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Four Star... the gluten-free pseudo-beer I've been supposed to be getting round to for a while now. Finally checked what I have in my ingredients drawer, made a shopping list, ordered the gf maltodextrin I can only get online. Think I'll do 4 gallons rather than 5, due to the size of the prune juice cartons I know Morrisons have. Plus there's fitting the bottles into the dishwasher...
Will be able to use my BFO boiler!

Thought I might bottle dandelionA today, but decided it'd be a good idea to rack dandelionB at the same time, so brought that up from the garage. And the lees rose a bit... So anyway, got the bottles washed and will now leave it all until tomorrow or maybe Saturday so dB can settle again.
While J's at Beavers tonight I'll nip into Lidl and pick up more apple juice for a 4th turbocider, then can do all 3 jobs at once. We still have one bottle of the first turboC, and the 2nd is one-week-in-the-bottle tomorrow, just in time for the weekly curry. Though it'll probably be still a bit rough at 1 week. Looking forward to trying it though.

On the way back from the school run this morning went past one of the wild raspberry patches to see how they're coming on. Most are at least a couple of weeks away, but there was ONE ripe one. So I ate it. The rassies in our garden are also at least a couple of weeks away, but the reducrrants are starting to colour up nicely, and the blackcurrants are looking plump. Dunno how much will be left for wine after L's grabbed what she wants for jam, but we should get a gallon of redcurrant, or maybe mixed currants.

I need to sort out some trays for malting a pound of millet, too.

Also I keep fancying doing a gallon of carrot, since the berries aren't ready yet.

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