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Value for money - oldbloke's mutterings
May 15th, 2012
09:32 pm
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Value for money
That's what we call it when a game goes to 19-19. Sadly I lost the last end, and thus the game - his lead was good, my first wasn't good enough, his second left him lying game, so I tried firing at it, missed by a foot. Mind you after the first 3 ends I was thinking I might not get any at all, so I was astonished to get to 19-18 up, and not terribly displeased to lose 21-19.
My PD is now 0, I have 2/2 from 4 games: could be much worse. We lost the match 8-4.5. Very tricky green, Wardle, some interesting lumps and edges that are easy to fall off: big home advantage there.
We don't have another league game until June 12th but will probably have a little competition between ourselves next Tuesday.

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