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Hang on - oldbloke's mutterings
October 16th, 2012
02:55 pm
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Hang on
Before you all rush off to try it, a couple of points:

Bottling is a pain. You have to source the bottles, clean them, sanitise them, somehow transfer the precious brew (siphoning is fun but it's easy to make a mess all over the kitchen floor if you're not careful), and seal them. You /can/ use PETs, which is simple and cheap. If you want glass though, the only capper worth having will set you back 30quid.

Also, what I've given is the basic recipe. For a better product, substitute all but 1/2 to 1 litre of the cheap AJ with a 500ml bottle of Suma concentrate (and fill with water). Puts the price up a bit, puts the ABV up a bit, but makes a much more appley brew.

If you have a use for 5l of bottled water from the supermarket, you /can/ use the empty as a fermenting vessel, if you can't get hold of any demijohns. Demis are about 8 quid new from shops, but can normally be picked up for 3 quid or less on ebay/bootsales/freecyle/the tip.

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