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Ouchy - oldbloke's mutterings
April 9th, 2013
11:34 pm
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On Sunday at karate we mostly practised "getting out of the way"
Well, Ok, with some blocks and counters, but mainly just getting out of the way.
...and a bit of "stopping your punch millimetres before it actually breaks somebody's bones"

One of the black belts was being very careful with one of his hands, it was a bit swollen...
Turns out on the 19th he blocked a kick (mae geri).... with his extended fingertips[1].
Dislocated finger, soft tissue damage, couple of bones in hand broken.
Was told he'd be off training for a month, but since he's well 'ard [2], he's back already.

[1] This is, of course, a Mistake.

[2] Apart from the crying with pain and almost fainting and squealing when he did it and at A&E...

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