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Kids, eh? - oldbloke's mutterings
June 16th, 2013
10:29 pm
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Kids, eh?
Jack's building his first website. I offered to host it in my webspace, so it would have been [something].davebudd.org.uk, but he didn't fancy that. And, in the end, the edit tools on Moonfruit are easier for him than learning to write raw html, I guess.

It's a home for the comics he and his friends are writing. I'm going to be doing a lot of scanning and uploading in the future, clearly. Or I can show him how to. He does pick this stuff up pretty well.
Irfanview's "auto-adjust colours" is pretty good...

In other Jack-and-computers news:

The Java textbook we were following had chunks of the "this is the code to enter" graphics missing, due to some weird pagination problem in Acrobat Reader. But I found another version of it, that is OK, phew. We haven't been rushing it, but he seems OK with basic class creation & instantiation, methods, and now IFs and the logical ops. I think he gets it, though it will take practice to stick properly.
I need to dl the soft-float distro for the Pi so he can run Eclipse on it. He sees how Eclipse works but would struggle, currently, without an IDE.

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