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Madness - oldbloke's mutterings
September 14th, 2013
09:54 pm
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The yeast test 8*1gallon batch...

Measured a demi at 4.8l, which leaves 4.3l for Suma AJ concentrate and water.
So decided on 620ml of Suma per demi, which means 3.68l of water per.
Took 31ml of Suma and diluted it to same ratio (184ml water) - roughly 1:6.
Tested with pH paper and titration kit: pH about 3.25 to 3.4, TTA 3.6%
This is bang in the middle of Andrew Lea's recommended range for cider so no acid adjustment to do after all.
It tastes less acid than many cheap supermarket AJs, too: great tasting juice.
So decided to try straight vs imperceptible-amount-of-sweetener (has maltodextrin, may help with body)
Refractometer has this juice at 12 Brix, implying 5.8%, but there'll be an adjunct juice that'll drop that slightly
This quantity of Suma should give 1.24 the apple of standard juice without pushing the ABV stupidly high.

All dry ingredients into demis, including yeasts except for the one that needed rehydrating, started that.
Short tsp tannin, 1tsp nutrient, half the demis get 4tsp Morrison's sweetener (sucralose plus some maltodextrin)
Yeasts are Young's cider, Young's all purpose red wine, Gervin D wine, and Munton's Gold ale.
Each sachet split across 2 demis, one straight, one sweetened.
Added 500ml Morrison's cranberry, 500ml water. Did this first so as not to sugar-shock the yeast with the concentrate.
Next 620ml Suma AJ concentrate and 2l of water.
The yeast that had to rehydrated went in just before this water so it could be used to rinse out the rehydration vessel (a glass)
There was, mysteriously, about 100ml of Suma left over, so I diluted it with a litre of water and put 150ml of it into each demi.
So we're above 1.24 the apple and probably around 5.8%ABV.
Had been very worried about the Gervin D - took a long time to get going and as I'd rehydrated it well below recommended temp and
the juices were cool thought I might have killed it, but 30 hours in it has the best krausen.
Now worrying instead about the Munton's Gold - looked Ok at the start but now seems to be trying to ferment from the bottom.
I expect it'll all be OK in the end!

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