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Brewing as exercise - oldbloke's mutterings
October 14th, 2013
11:28 pm
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Brewing as exercise
One thing I never realised when I started brewing was how much exercise it involves.
Today I bottled the 8th of the Christmas ciders -
.Bring bottles siphoning gear capping equipment etc up from garage, several trips.
.Lots of hefting bottles filled with sanitiser or water about.
.Take bottled stuff up to spare room to condition
.Take empty demi, capper, etc back down to garage
Then I sanitised about 20 bottles, all had to be brought up from garage, filled and emptied with sanitiser water and water, and taken back afterwards.
Then I dug the elderberrries and some blackberries out of the freezers and started that, some nice action with the masher and then lug the FVs across the room. (Note to self: raisins and tartaric acid to go on shopping list)
And 4 lots of cider had to go from the spare room down to the garage.

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