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Corned beef hash - oldbloke's mutterings
February 18th, 2014
10:30 pm
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Corned beef hash
Corned beef hash. From: Guinni Baker

1 tin corned beef
Floury potatoes
Baked beans
Grated cheese
Brown sauce

Put potatoes on to boil. Take one tin of corned beef. Realise the key is long gone and attempt to batter open using any other kitchen utensil to hand, brute strength and harsh language. Apply plasters to any injuries. Once the potatoes are boiled, mash with butter and milk. Spoon out one portion of mash for the one who doesn't want his corned beef hashed.

Heat the beans gently in a pan. Set aside one portion of beans for the one who doesn't want his corned beef hashed. Tip the rest into the mashed potatoes.

Spoon out two portions of the beany mash for the vegetarians. Set aside one portion of corned beef for the one who doesn't want his corned beef hashed.

Put onions on to fry. Tip the remaining corned beef into the beany mash. Remove one portion of corned beef hash for the one who doesn't like onions in the hash. Throw remaining onions into the pot while cursing all teenagers everywhere.

Toss copious amounts of grated cheese at any plate that doesn't seem to have any meat on it. Put onions on the side of everything. Serve with brown sauce and a glass of red.

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Date:February 18th, 2014 11:12 pm (UTC)
I trust that any injuries were minor, and that everyone enjoyed their meal.

How to wrap a Christmas present - a guide for cat owners came to mind.

I have successfully used a pair of needle-nosed pliers to open a can of corned beef when the key was missing.
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Date:February 19th, 2014 08:49 am (UTC)
I honestly think we should make this. We have corned beef!
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Date:February 19th, 2014 09:21 am (UTC)
Corned beef hash is one of our firm favourites here.

My version doesn't use baked beans or cheese, but I do sometimes use gently-fried leeks instead of onions, and I usually add a good sprinkling of thyme or marjoram to the mix. At this time of year, I normally serve sprouts or savoy cabbage with it.

I often have a bottle of porter, stout or old ale with mine.

For sauce, I find that Indonesian-style sweet soy sauce (Kecap Manis) makes an interesting variation, drizzled over the hash.
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Date:February 19th, 2014 09:54 pm (UTC)
I like this style of recipe - and it sounds tasty too.
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Date:February 20th, 2014 05:38 pm (UTC)
Excellent! Set aside a spud for the one who doesn't like mash, please.
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