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Millet. For the folks on FB group Craft Beers For Coeliacs - oldbloke's mutterings
November 25th, 2015
01:04 pm
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Millet. For the folks on FB group Craft Beers For Coeliacs
In my millet experiments I attempted a proper full mash with rests for the various enzymes, to give it the best chance of working.
However I don't really have the right gear for that stuff...
The millet was bought from an Asian cash&carry. It's food grade pearl millet (bajra), the most cultivated variety in India and Africa (where beer is often made from millet, but not the way we make beer)

Experiment 0:

I messed up an edit somewhere long ago and lost the sprouting (malting) and roasting info for Experiment 0.
It wasn't much as this was a 1 pint (!!!) trial. Once malted, dried, and roasted lightly:

Ground, not particularly finely, in pestle&mortar. Actually ground too fine, I realised after reading my books.

Added to nearly full small saucepan at about 30C. No idea what the pH is.
Heated to 40C for beta-Glucanase rest - overshot to about 44. At least 1 commercial glucanase wants 45 anyway.
Left 30 mins - no idea how long the rest ought to be. Fell to 40 in this time.
Missed the protease rest at 50 - didn't check notes, thought it was 60...
Some time at around 63 when incorrectly trying for 60 for protease - will do for beta-amylase.
Heated to 65C for amylase rest; bit easier to keep it about right, here.
Cycling between 62 and 68 - the two amylases.
Added tiny bit of amylase halfway through, JIC.
This rest for 90mins-2hrs.
Up to 78-80 for mashout. Needed to evaporate about half a pint to get wort to 1 pint.
Went up to 85 occasionally.

Strained into jug: couldn't be bothered to sparge.
Left to cool; added 1/8tsp isomerised hop extract.
***Should have boiled it at this point.***
Gravity 1020 @ about 28; added sugar to get it to about 1037.
Added pinch of amylase, pinch of pectolase, pinch of nutrient.
Split between 500ml PEt and 333ml PET: each about 2/3 full.
Pitched bit of Munton's Gold ale yeast
Not looking promising - lots of solids settled to bottom immediately.
8 hours later, yeast beginning to work, but...

Decided it needs that boil. Which will kill the yeast and enzymes, but otherwise shouldn't be a problem.
Boiled 1 hour (extra water from kettle). Great smell!
Reading Wiki during the boil I see that the earlier rests aren't really needed in a malted grain.
They may be useful, though.

Cooled, pitched more yeast.
Fermenting nicely.
At some gas releases, giving it a good shake to get that stuff on the bottom mixed in a bit.
Subsequent gas releases are lifting some of the bottom stuff anyway.

2011-05-21 (9 days from yeast pitch, could have bottled at least a day earlier)
Bottled. Sneak taste: very thin, lacking in flavour, but definitely beer-like.
Definitely try a larger scale experiment

2011-05-28 (1 week's conditioning)
Top came off bottle like a grenade! Didn't stir up the sediment though, phew.
Pleasant drink!!! A little thin, a little lacking in flavour, but definitely beer-like.
In fact, definitely beer. Not entirely unlike the blander continental lagers,
but with a slightly creamy finish.
Absolutely must experiment further!

Experiment 1:

14oz of millet given a 4hour soak
Spread over muslin stretched across a cake cooling tray over a drip tray
Rinsed approx every 8 hours for nearly 2 days,
Didn't look great so rigged sprouting jars from 4 Kilners with muslin across tops, transferred to them
At 4 days(ish) long roots and some acrospires as long as grain - others not sprouted at all, etc
Dried in batches @ 50 in oven, stirring regularly, about an hour each batch.
Half(approx) roasted @ 150 approx 45mins: medium brown inside (at least some) grains
Rubbed round a metal sieve to strip off rootlets
Ground in coffee mill. Finer than it should be but hey.
Into small pan with 1l water
Into oven set to 50, left 30 mins (protease rest) hit this more or less
Bit of amylase added
Oven to 62, 15 mins (beta amylase) Would have been longer but overshot
Oven to 68, 30 mins (alpha amylase) Trouble holding it here, went over and under
Oven to 78 (mashout) Overshot...
Strained through muslin-lined sieve, then sparged that with 1.5l near boiling water from kettle
Brought to boil, 18g hops added, boiled 45min
Sieved into large pan, made up to 4.5l (some water refrigerated, cold break?)
SG only about 1.010 at 28 (1.012 corrected) - bit of a surprise. No proper trial jar.
Stirred in 8oz sugar over low heat.
Into demi with 1/4tsp hop extract
Gravity still looks low but some of the sugar may be on the bottom...
Left to cool.
tsp nutrient, 1/2pkt Munton's Gold yeast
Topped up with half litre water with 1oz sugar dissolved in it
Not clear yet, but bottled anyway (500ml Coke bottles).
1/2tsp sugar per 500 ml priming sugar
Thin and very bitter

Improved rapidly

A little over 5 months in bottle: a pleasant ale, slightly lemony.
Could maybe use more hop, preferably a touch more body.

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